Thank you to Knitty City

At the end of the year.... we often look back at the ups and downs of the year.

In 2010 one of the major ups was spending time with the fabulous team and clientele at Knitty City-Thank you ALL!

Pearl-Inspiring in her crafts, kimonos, learn to knit afghan and the great team she leads at the store.....

The Team and clientele at Knitty City are exceptional, teaching, creating sharing and just being great supportive friends....

Sending Love Joy Health and Peace to all of you in the new year....


The LoveScarf Project/HeadBand and Gold

This weekend was the knitting of 3 more LoveScarf projects .  Got great Thick and Quick Wool from Michaels up at 99th and Columbus on sale for $3.50 and added luxurious yarn from Wales; Colinette Chenille is unfortunately discontinued. But the colors she uses to dye with are really quite lovely and liven up a "traditional" oatmeal scarf with some subtle colors....

Five of these were dropped off at with the Seidmans.  Here is the group:

In addition I designed a headband on Sunday... I was walking down the street and saw a lovely headband on  a Upper West Side shopper and decided  I could use some leftover yarn and make something lovely just like hers! 

Pattern: Cast on 45(MC) with size 13 needles using superchunky yarn, Malabrigo Rasta, Twinkle etc...
Knit 2 rows. 
Purl 1 row
Row 4  knit 12 stitches, using contrasting color(cc)...knit 21 stitches, Wrap and Turn(W.A.T.)
cc for rows 5-13
 Row 5 purl 20 WAT
Row 6 knit 19 WAT
Row 7 purl 18 WAT
Row 8 Knit 17 WAT
Row 9 Purl 16 WAT
Row 10 Knit 15 WAT
Row 11 Purl 14 WAT
Row 12 Knit 13 WAT
Row 13 Purl all the way to join with  MC WAT
Row 14 Knit all the way to the start of the original yarrn
Row 15 Pick up original yarn knit all the way to end(to be above the cc)
Row 16 Purl back to end
Row 17 Purl row
Row 18 Purl Row
Row 19 cast off in purl.

Gold .......
at $1400 per gold expensive?  Gold can buy 1.13  S&P 500s today... in 1980, the last gold rush.. It could buy 5.7 shares of S&Ps.... The comparable price today for gold = $7000 

Have a great day


FAST EASY and Lovely-Cowl(super long) and Hat Pattern-----Europe?

My new favorite bulky yarn is Malabrigo Rasta. I have made cowls and/or hats from Indicieta,Piedras, Oxido, Solis, Porinnho, Arco Iris.. You can get it at the Upper West Side local yarn store Knitty City- Amsterdam and 79th Street-212 787 5896(they take phone orders too!)  Among the 16 colorways there are also white and black.
This is easy fast and fun for gifts. Around hour and half for each, cowl and hat....
Needles:For Cowl use 15(10mm) For Hat use 13(9mm)
Super Long Cowl: Provisionally Cast on 7 stitches 
Knit in seed stitch for whole skein of yarn, leave enough for 3 needle bind off.
Every and All Rows K1 P1 K1 P1 K1 P1 K1
If you dont want to do provisional cast on, you can insert thin needle through 7 bumps along the cast on edge and do the 3 needle bind off OR you can cast on and off normally and sew together!
This cowl should go around your neck 3-4 times.. it will stretch a bit...

Hat: cast on 45 stitches join in the round(odd number)
ROW 1-5 knit (can be same color or contrasting) (5 rows of stockinette can do as much as 7 if you want wider brim. )
ROWS 6-22 Switch to seed stitch and knit 16 rows. k1 p1 all around….knit the purls & purl the knits
2 choices for top- (can be same color or contrasting)
“Square Top”
put stitches on 4 dpns 11 11 11 12 (45 stitches)
Switch to st st
Row 23 knit all stitches
Row 24 decrease at each(as needed)end of needles such that following row will be 10 on each needle, (40)
Row 25 knit
Row 26 decrease beginning and end of each needle(k2tog at start, ssk at end)
Row 27 knit
repeat rows 26 and 27 until 8 stitches. using large sewing needle thread yarn through the remaining 8 stitches…
Alternate Top,
"Swirl Top style"
row 23 and 24 knit all around
row 25 *knit 7 ssk* repeat
row 26 *knit 6 ssk* repeat
row 27 *knit 5 ssk* repeat
row 28 *knit 4 ssk* repeat
row 29 *knit 3 ssk* repeat
row 30 *knit 2 ssk* repeat
Using Tapestry Needle, sew through remaining stitches pull tight and weave in.

How can the European Monetary System work...If the issuing countries join their debt together, they must have the same ability to tax each other and have fiscal discipline together...not sure what the final outcome is..but not pretty...
Here are some of the holiday gifts I made.... You can see the neighborhood out the window...almost no leaves left at this point....

 I have also made some scarves for the LoveScarf Project..These 2 and 3 or so more on the needles will go to Hospital Patients....The 7 seed stitch cowl is perfect for these as well....

See you soon!

Keep an eye out...

Between Goldman Sachs and the volcano it has been an interesting period in my world....
But time for some new knitting news...
I really enjoyed this project.. but only after the bottom part sat on my side table for 6months......
This had started this as a square for the learn to knit the AWESOME Barbara Walker. The short rows square....
You knit 1 row straight..then you zig zag for 3 or 4 rows and continue... to make the "eye ball " shape... but knitting short rows(4 to 8 stitches and reversing direction as well as flipping your work) gets very old... so i knit backwards...
This is worth learning for short rows... you dont flip the just work from left to right rather than right to left... here is one sample video instruction..there might be better ones to learn from.. but anyway...
However the square was so beautiful I was thinking maybe it would be the start of a short rows afghan, i think this is called Lizard Ridge on -2/3rds of the way to scarf/afghan length... here is FREE pattern...
I realized that I DETESTED the short rows......( substitute detested for hate is such a hateful word.. it should be saved for something truly hateful...)
SO.... to make a long story short...I folded it and made the base of a bag... picked up and knit around... then some more Barbara Walker mosaics from the same book Learn to knit Afghan.
then some initials and a flower, button loop... a toss in the wash...2 leather straps and a felted VOILA!
Side bar- The Learn to Knit Afghan book by Barbara Walker is a must.....have a look at it when you have time...
Back to Goldman Sachs... I remember when Drexel Burnham was the target of a government"investigation"... bankrupt not many years after...Not sure what happens to Goldman Sachs, but in the court of public opinion they are not looking too good...Betting against the American Dream is not a good idea...for anyone... least of all well paid individuals whose government(taxpayers) kept them afloat...
The last time a large volcano erupted the sunsets became more unusual and beautiful around the world..keep an eye out....

Purls of Wall Street

Day One of blogging!!
Investing and knitting... Abstract and concrete...As a long term investor and knitter I thought it would be fun to start to talk about the two at the same time...

The "developed" world has been very self satified up until our financial crisis. We know what we are doing, how to run monetary(interest rates) and Fiscal(budget deficit) policy for our countries. You emerging economies need our help and advice on how to become more like us.

In the USA-for every dollar of GDP (stuff we make) we have borrowed $3.50. This is more than double the normal number. "neither a borrower nor a lender be" an old time expression might be extreme advice to give, but given we are way OVER borrowed it is time to think hard about the way we run our countries policies and our personal finances as well. When interest rates are very low or when borrowing is TOO EASY to get people spend today and dont save.

This is our monetary policy. We move our spending UP... and push our savings out until later...

We buy a car or a pool or a deck or yarn(credit cards count!)

If you NEVER want to stop working or you have a rich parent or spouse.. this is fine..otherwise...You have to save! The same is true for a country.

Our current situation is very tricky, we overspent and over borrowed and now to fix this we are keeping interest rates low and hoping this will keep our economy from grinding to a halt. As far as I can tell the best thing for the US is that China and Brazil and many other emerging countries have less debt and have population growth and can keep the world economy growing....

Right now they are helping us...who really knows what is the right policy???

I am knitting a stretchy skirt for my teenage rocker daughter. It is made from Cascade fixation.

I am holding a black and pink together to make it "cool"

Using sized 10.5(us) circular needles I cast on 120 stitches(gauge 4stitches per inch) to hange between waist and hips. After 4 inches in stockinette I increased 12 stitches 1 every 10 for one row. Now i have 132. Bizarrely, i was holding one black and one pink and the black ran out 6 rows before the pink. I took this opportunity to hold 2 pink together for 6 rows and will revert to the black and pink again now...

great think about rocker kids..doesnt have to be boring!

have a great day!

was inspired and finished this pretty quickly!


Janome 350 easy USB instructions- SUPER SIMPLE with PHOTO

Format USB(must use 1gig USB not larger) Put Files on USB Sew from your files on the  machine