The LoveScarf Project/HeadBand and Gold

This weekend was the knitting of 3 more LoveScarf projects .  Got great Thick and Quick Wool from Michaels up at 99th and Columbus on sale for $3.50 and added luxurious yarn from Wales; Colinette Chenille is unfortunately discontinued. But the colors she uses to dye with are really quite lovely and liven up a "traditional" oatmeal scarf with some subtle colors....

Five of these were dropped off at with the Seidmans.  Here is the group:

In addition I designed a headband on Sunday... I was walking down the street and saw a lovely headband on  a Upper West Side shopper and decided  I could use some leftover yarn and make something lovely just like hers! 

Pattern: Cast on 45(MC) with size 13 needles using superchunky yarn, Malabrigo Rasta, Twinkle etc...
Knit 2 rows. 
Purl 1 row
Row 4  knit 12 stitches, using contrasting color(cc)...knit 21 stitches, Wrap and Turn(W.A.T.)
cc for rows 5-13
 Row 5 purl 20 WAT
Row 6 knit 19 WAT
Row 7 purl 18 WAT
Row 8 Knit 17 WAT
Row 9 Purl 16 WAT
Row 10 Knit 15 WAT
Row 11 Purl 14 WAT
Row 12 Knit 13 WAT
Row 13 Purl all the way to join with  MC WAT
Row 14 Knit all the way to the start of the original yarrn
Row 15 Pick up original yarn knit all the way to end(to be above the cc)
Row 16 Purl back to end
Row 17 Purl row
Row 18 Purl Row
Row 19 cast off in purl.

Gold .......
at $1400 per gold expensive?  Gold can buy 1.13  S&P 500s today... in 1980, the last gold rush.. It could buy 5.7 shares of S&Ps.... The comparable price today for gold = $7000 

Have a great day


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