Ruffle Shawl with a Dog and Daughter....

This is one of my favorite projects... Started to knit a shawl and wanted some ruffle and here they are.. will do more in sock yarn..The top one is  knit with Malabrigo Worsted (Deja Vu)and the striped one is MadelineTosh Merino*on a 10(2 sizes larger than I normally would knit the yarn with) to make it squishy. The larger needle also makes it hang nicely.
I like to wear it with ruffle in front, like a scarf(See dog and daughter photo below)

*Cobalt and Ginger for Tosh.

Gauge not really important(4/inch)
Cast on 5
Row 1 :knit
Row 2 : Knit
(SET UP) Row 3:k2 Yarn Over Place marker Knit 1 yarn over knit 2
Row 4 and all even rows:
k2,YO,knit to marker,YO, slip marker,k1,YO, slip to last 2 stitches,YO, K2
All ODD rows just knit
you are creating a triangle….
when you have 147 stitches… about 36 garter ridges you are starting to create ruffle
Ruffle Row 1:k1 kfb
ruffle Row 2(and all even rows): purl back
Ruffle Row 3,5,7: repeat row 1
stitch count end (it doesnt really matter )
row 1: 220
row 3: 330
row 5: 496
row 7: 744
row 8 9 10 11 stockinette
8 purl row
9 knit row
10 purl row
11 knit row
bind off LOOSELY!
for striped version, I did ruffle in one color until last row and bind off in Contrasting Color!

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