The new hat.....or is it?

Last year on a family getaway my son saw young men wearing knitted! tubes of yarn rather than a boring hat,  he had to have one. His was the Inter Milan branded version, we bought from a street vendor and not surprisingly it fell apart after wearing it everyday for 3 months.....

I promised that I would make him one this year... and here it is.....mostly stockinette, 
Cast on (hat amount:18 inches x your gauge)
with MC and CC2  long tail style,make slip knot with both 
do your long tail cast on
Row 1 knit  
Row 2  k1 p1
Row 3 knit 
Row 4 knit around*

Would do at least 12 inches for teenager and better is about 14 inches!

Icord bind off with CC2:

This casting off which I love... makes the top look more "finished" 
On your left side needle with  your stitches waiting- you cable cast on 3 more(what ever size I cord you would like) stitches. 

*K2, K2tbl(k2 thru back loops), replace 3 stitches from right to left needle*
 repeat until end.. bind off last 3...


Red White and blue.. but mostly blue... This yarn is a lovely "plied worsted" by Tanis I got for him this past summer in Montreal during our Hurricane Irene trip.  The man I bought it from at Mouline told me this is the same base yarn as MadTosh Vintage and Sweet Georgia Worsted.  He appears to be right as when I got home I did check and they all look pretty similar in gauge and weight. 3 lovely dyers and quite different to be sure.. but some great yarn!

In any event a  tube hat is basically a hat that you dont ever decrease...or a narrow cowl that is quite long...

so cast on your favorite hat and knit forever...or until it droops appropriately over the back of your head until your neck!

This one was made for my sons teacher Budd, who has some lovely dred-locks.  This in blue white and orange, the school colors with his name in intarsia..
would be easier to do overstitch by the time I will.. Intarsia in the round is a bit of a pain.. learned from the Elizabeth Zimmerman DVD: A Knitting Glossary DVD  (highly recommended) She and Meg Swanson sit and knit all kinds of strange things, cast ons and cast offs as well.....

The dark blue is seed stitch, the white/orange stockinette.

This version is 2 strands of TOSH DK merino,2 strands held together, seed stitch, Icord bind off.

His sister agreed to pose for this.. but I do think some good winter photos are in order... Will add soon! Wanted to get this posted before Thanksgiving... This fall the NY Times showed this look as the "new" thing...

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