Happy Hat for my son.....

My son won't wear winter clothing... to be fair he runs "hot," always warm, complaining about the heat.

So getting a winter coat and hat on him, close to impossible.  We figured out a very light weight coat that is warm does work... and now we have a HAT!!!! 

Steve Jobs was an idol of his....Apple Computer/Apple Ipod etc are an obsession as well.  He listens to the webcasts every quarter and know the specs of all the machines...So a hat with an apple logo should work, no?

The idea started from a graph of the apple I found on Ravelry.  In the beekeepers quilt group,"wedewschool" had suggested it to the group of knitters. I saved the page and let it simmer on the back burner of my mind...

My rocker daughter had asked for a hat featuring Sonic Youth, as soon as that was done, on to the hat for the Techie son....

Click for Pattern Apple Hat 2011


  1. Thanks for sharing your pattern. Love the old school logo for the Apple hat. A friend on ravelry pointed me this way.

  2. Great hat! Thanks for sharing your pattern. :)

  3. thank you!...loving this..might do a felted IPAD cover next

  4. Love your pattern and wanted to let you know that it was featured on my blog today at http://lazydaisycrochet.blogspot.com/2012/09/monday-funday-3apple-picken.html


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