Rocker Hat and a PDF!!!!

Walking down the streets of the city during holiday time, you see many people wearing all kinds of hats scarves etc....  I mentioned to my daughters that if they see anything they would like, I could knit it for them.  You would think they might know this by now.....

My " rock n roll" daughter sheepishly looked at me and said, I saw a really complicated thing that I want, but I am not sure you can make it.....HA! 36 hours later done to much praise, praise from a 17 year old??!?!?

And I have finally joined the 21 century, I can make a pdf.  I didnt know that you can just SAVE as PDF in microsoft products... but you voila!

For this hat you need 4 colors of basic worsted yarn....I used Cascade 220.  70 yards for the brim, 50 for the background(yellow here) and 30 yards for each of the trims.....

Needles, #4 and #5 and some dpns for the very top....a needle to pull the stitches through the final 10 stitches....and pom pom "materials...Pom Pom instructions

I like to knit hats on small needles to make it WARM and snuggly......Gauge 5/inch on 5 in stockinette....

Click here for The Rocker Hat PDF

 My very first PDF!

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