Happy Hat for my son.....

My son won't wear winter clothing... to be fair he runs "hot," always warm, complaining about the heat.

So getting a winter coat and hat on him, close to impossible.  We figured out a very light weight coat that is warm does work... and now we have a HAT!!!! 

Steve Jobs was an idol of his....Apple Computer/Apple Ipod etc are an obsession as well.  He listens to the webcasts every quarter and know the specs of all the machines...So a hat with an apple logo should work, no?

The idea started from a graph of the apple I found on Ravelry.  In the beekeepers quilt group,"wedewschool" had suggested it to the group of knitters. I saved the page and let it simmer on the back burner of my mind...

My rocker daughter had asked for a hat featuring Sonic Youth, as soon as that was done, on to the hat for the Techie son....

Click for Pattern Apple Hat 2011

Slipped Rib Blanket for baby or not.

I am giddy, learning to make PDFs has blown me away, here is a long time promised pattern.  This project is inspired by Stephen West Free pattern.....Slipped Rib Scarf  show here in two colors
Slipped Rib designed by Stephen West

The secret of the slipped rib, is to line up the slips and the knits...

Right side-row 1: Knit 1 slip 1 (With yarn in front)
Wrong side row 2: Knit All(in the round, flat knitting you Purl all!)

I was happily knitting a baby blanket for a friend when alas my daughter who will leave for college in less than 20 months now...cast an eye on it... and stated that she wanted it...I had 3 or 4 skeins of the lovely Malabrigo Rios wound and had knitted 2 of them....

Clearly this would not be big enough for a "end of dorm room bed" blankie for her.. so I was on a hunt... more lovely Rios in Arco Iris, (rainbow).  In Maine I found one, and more around the NY area as well..... at 11 I finally stopped... and called it a blanket..
PDF of Slipped Rib Blanket CLICK HERE

Rocker Hat and a PDF!!!!

Walking down the streets of the city during holiday time, you see many people wearing all kinds of hats scarves etc....  I mentioned to my daughters that if they see anything they would like, I could knit it for them.  You would think they might know this by now.....

My " rock n roll" daughter sheepishly looked at me and said, I saw a really complicated thing that I want, but I am not sure you can make it.....HA! 36 hours later done to much praise, praise from a 17 year old??!?!?

And I have finally joined the 21 century, I can make a pdf.  I didnt know that you can just SAVE as PDF in microsoft products... but you can...so voila!

For this hat you need 4 colors of basic worsted yarn....I used Cascade 220.  70 yards for the brim, 50 for the background(yellow here) and 30 yards for each of the trims.....

Needles, #4 and #5 and some dpns for the very top....a needle to pull the stitches through the final 10 stitches....and pom pom "materials...Pom Pom instructions

I like to knit hats on small needles to make it WARM and snuggly......Gauge 5/inch on 5 in stockinette....

Click here for The Rocker Hat PDF

 My very first PDF!

Janome 350 easy USB instructions- SUPER SIMPLE with PHOTO

Format USB(must use 1gig USB not larger) Put Files on USB Sew from your files on the  machine