Week 3 of 2012- Worlds Fastest Cowl

Here is the pattern for the  worlds fastest cowl  lays flat, no curl! love it.. shows the colors of the yarn....

I wanted a cowl that was 1 skein, laid flat and showed off the lovely colors of this skein of Malabrigo Rasta.
The problem with reverse stockinette is that it curls... so did a garter edge but used reverse stockinette in the middle.

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  1. hello from vancouver:

    i stumbled upon your post on the malabrigo rasta page: http://purlsofwallst.blogspot.com/2010/12/time-for-some-patterns-from-mecowlsuper.html.

    i love the hat! unfortunately my obsession is yoga, not [yet] knitting, so i cannot make it myself. a friend offered to knit me a cowl with the gorgeous rasta yarn. i now must convince her or any willing knitter to try making your hat. the generous shape would be ideal for my long curly hair (most toques are too small and disproportionate).

    here's my question: how many skeins (of rasta) does that hat require?

    the malabrigo website was utterly compelling. the yarns are true art. and reading people's knitting blogs was also fascinating. knitting a whole culture/community/language, just like yoga.

    email me at llyamamoto@gmail.com.
    check out my blog at http://yogaspy.com

    i love new york!


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