Week 4 of 2012

I have been knitting, more cowl bandanas(2 to be precise for a total of 15!) and finishing up a hat to match a cowl from last fall.  I am working on a design for a new cowl.. have made 2 and ripped them both back(after taking photos...)

However I did want to write up my experience at the Vogue Knitting Live.... Friday afternoon I walked the 7 blocks from my office to the NY Hilton Hotel.  This is a very large building facing 6th Avenue (the streets official  name is Avenue of the Americas since 1945!)  Midtown is well served by the subway lines, B, D, F, 1 are all near the hotel.  It was the coldest weekend of the winter... but great conditions were found inside. Lots of yarny sunshine....   Registration was a breeze, no lines lot of smiling faces, I picked up my Kaffe Fassett book that came with my class package. It was still about 1/2 hour until the marketplace was opening.  Happily Vogue had set up a room with tables for sitting(waiting), knitting, eating and relaxing.  Out came my knitting,my audio book and I waited happily.  I could see vendors dragging in the final bags of yarn, books and samples. Soon it was time to line up and in we all marched, proudly wearing our knitted garb.  I immediately went up to a " wholesaler" that brings bags of yarn offered at 1/2 price.  There was lots of lovely yarn noro, one of my personal favorite brands.  I pulled aside three bags but after calming down from the yarn induced high, my calmer more rationale brain prevailed. Back the bags went into the large bins and I WALKED AWAY!  This was a very good move as I have quite a bit said noro at home and havent really been actively knitting it for a couple of years now....

  Lets see if there is something new and different here?  I walked around more calmly now.  The yarn frenzy had been "squelched" I was ready.  Creatively Dyed yarn.... love it..but have some in stash still.. Keep moving..Cashmere,nice price, but not really unique.... keep moving and looking.. Woolbearers, a lovely booth with hand dyed yarn. I found their chunky superwash irresistible.  A teal yarn with black overwash and Chocolate covered cherry flavored yarn both came home with me. This became a cowl and mitts for my sons teacher... The cowl was knit during the VKL event....I visited with Tess Designer Yarns and found my way over to Jill Draper Makes stuff. I loved her colors and designs.  I wanted to sleep on it and after all didn't want to spend my entire budget the first night!


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