Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 3 of 2012- Worlds Fastest Cowl

Here is the pattern for the  worlds fastest cowl  lays flat, no curl! love it.. shows the colors of the yarn....

I wanted a cowl that was 1 skein, laid flat and showed off the lovely colors of this skein of Malabrigo Rasta.
The problem with reverse stockinette is that it curls... so did a garter edge but used reverse stockinette in the middle.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2 of 2012 entrelac sweater for a teeny tiny dog....

Just finished Vogue Knitting live....Had a great time.  Steeking/ Chris Bylsma,  Entrelac Rosemary Drysdale, Ribbing for edging/ Cookie A, and Cast On Bind Off/Amy Detjen. Lectures by Kaffe, Nicky E, Sally M. and Debbie S.

The rock stars of knitting.... I am incredible inspired.   1st VKL project inspiration: Doggie Entrelac!

Immediately took the swatch for my Entrelac class took the bind off-off and continued knitting, put 2 armholes in for a small dog and seamed up the side.   Picked up stitches around the neck and did a ribbing k1p1 for the doggie turtle neck et VOILA.....

If anyone wants the pattern.. let me know on Ravelry!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bikerly Mitts Week 1/2012

Weekly posting, 2012 goal.....I would like to fill my memory palace with the joy of knitting.  I just finished the audio book Moonwalking with Einstein, this is about a journalist who while writing a story on memory competitions became a memory champ.  very interesting listen/read...

One point that I think I agree with, is that memory and documenting memories helps to keep the joy of the "memories" in your mind and life.... I use Facebook to document family photos and will use this blog(along with Ravelry) to document the knitting that I do....

I made a hat for my son, Jacobs,teacher -Matt.  Jacob came home and said that Matt was wearing it as a cowl.  This was a bit horrifying as I used a yarn not meant to be worn next to his skin.... In the meantime a lovely yarn showed up at Knitty City,  Maxima by Manos in the  multi Beehive colorway. The minute I saw it I knew it was perfect for Matt and home it came.  I wound it up that night and started a cowl.  It tooks 3 times to get to the right pattern for this wool and for Matt in particular.  I started with seed stitch, yuck, then did some reverse stockinette.. also not very attractive.  I realized that stockinette was necessary to show off the colors and highlight the beauty of this yarn.  The Purl, Bandana Cowl was perfect! In 24 hours it was done with enough yarn leftover to make some fingerless mitts... Matt is cyclist so a cowl and fingerless gloves seems like a good idea....I wasnt quite sure that I would have enough yarn for 2 nice sized mitts, so the last 2 inches are in a solid black, some leftover Patons from a hat project was lying around..Perfect!

Simple Biker mitts:

Manos Maxima, 1 skein, Size 8 needles, gauge 4/inch

cast on 36…join in the round
6 rows garter
24 rows st. in round
12 rows flat to create thumb slot
2 rows in the round again
switch to black
8 rows
6 rows garter
bind off loosely

Make 2!
I took the black and did a simple single crochet around the thumb hole...You could just leave as written...